Magnetic Beneficiation Plant

Magnetic Beneficiation Plant Application

Iron Ore,Tin,Chromium,Manganese,Niobium and tantalum,Exceptional earth,Industrial minerals,Hefty mineral sands,Garnet,Phosphate,Significant media separation,Recycling.

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Magnetic Beneficiation Plant Introduction

Magnetic separation separates the minerals in accordance to magnetic depth distinctions in Non-uniform magnetic subject. the next would be the principal software of magnetic separation.

The separation of ferrous minerals: magnetic separation could be the principal processing method of iron ore, once the iron ore being processed, the ore quality are going to be improved,plus the information of harmful impurity will be reduced, which has a great outcome on metallurgy smelting. The separation of nonferrous and uncommon minerals: a lot of nonferrous and unusual minerals have diverse magnetic intensity, only gravity separation or only flotation separation can't possess the excellent beneficiation impact, the mix of magnetic separation and gravity, flotation separation may have a great grade minerals.

The recovering of gravity separation medium, the magnetite along with the ferrosilicon is the medium over the gravity separation. Eradicating iron impurities from non-metallic mineral uncooked resources, iron eradicating can safeguard crushers and other products,the iron eliminating is very commen in the course of nonmetallic mineral processing. Kyanite, quartz, purple tourmaline, feldspar, nepheline diorite applies dry magnetic separation for any lone time.

The restoration of steel slag with the metallurgy smelting and pollutant getting rid of from sewage: the good level of steel slag from the metallurgy smelting. The metal slag is usually recovered by dry grinding and dry magnetic separation.

Application of higher gradient magnetic separation or deal while using the sewage to eliminate the impurities.

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