Display Measurement To Sift 1/2&Quot; Gravel

Abstract: The Screen is its trajectory into a circle named using complex spin-type vibration transducer excitation arising from the work, is a new screening equipment, and its adjustable amplitude strength, gravel screening line long, multi-screening, screening the file specifications clear, high efficiency, suitable for mining, coal, mineral processing and other industries screening operations. And its efficiency and often influenced by the following factors:

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Screen Dimensions To Sift 1/2 & Quot; Gravel

Sieve Display screen gravel particle dimensions less than 1/2 of the measurement of the gravel tends to steal mesh, called easy tapping; more than 1/2 gravel Sieve Display, through the Sieve Screen because of the difficulties referred to hard tapping; gravel particle size 1-1.5 times the mesh size of the gravel grains called resistance. Therefore, the level of the fine Sieve Monitor contains a lot of fine gravel, can increase the secondary screening method, the Sieve Monitor mesh size larger auxiliary pre-product is discharged through the coarse Sieve Display screen level.

Certain ratio between the maximum allowable sizing of gravel between the mesh measurement is not clearly defined, and the gravel surface moisture contained in an increase in a certain degree, sticky diarrhea also increases, enables fine-grained gravel surface moisture mutual bond into the group, and attached to the large gravel will mesh blocked. These reasons make the screening process more difficult, and will greatly reduce the screening efficiency.

If the gravel is easy to agglomerate containing viscous material (such as clay, etc.), even though very little time in the water, will bond into a group, make a fine Sieve Screen mud mixed with the product, but quickly clogged Sieve Monitor. In this case, you should consider pre-washing. If the gravel is a round shape, then a round hole through the square hole and easier. Most of the electromagnetic Monitor crushed product is polygonal, strip, plate, sheet gravel hard through square and round hole, but easily through the rectangular hole.

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