Little Scale Iron Ore Processing Machines

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Small Scale Iron Ore Processing Tools – Grinding Equipment

Former mill small-scale iron ore concentrator crushing granularity, about 25mm, which makes grinding efficiency Iron Ore Grinding Gear declined significantly. Because Iron Ore Grinding Equipment is fine grinding devices, due to the low efficiency of the coarse crushing Iron Ore Grinding Tools, and when the 25 millimeters (mm) of iron ore, milled to 80 microns (um) below the grinding efficiency is very low . Then one ton of iron ore of medium hardness, need power around 25KWH. Advanced crushing technology, has broken into the iron ore particle size less than 10mm, then Iron Ore Grinding Equipment mill one ton of iron ore consumption is only about 13KWH. The method is in the raw crude crushing system, adding a crushing crusher, so Iron Ore Grinding Products former iron ore particle size from 25mm down to 10mm, fine crusher requires one ton of iron ore consumption 5KWH. Before replaced with a fine grinding of ore crushing gear for fine crushing, crushing and grinding so the two systems one ton of iron ore consumption can be reduced 7KWH. Fine grinding and crushing devices before hammerhead consumed liner consumption costs, significantly lower than the ball Iron Ore Grinding Tools ball and liner consumption costs. Iron ore concentrator processing 100,000 tons a year, the use of advanced technology in the crushing grinding process, you can save electricity and materials consumed 400,000 yuan.

Small Scale Iron Ore Processing Machines – Crushing Equipment

More iron ore fine crushing devices, less user-selectable ideal devices, such as hammer crusher. Whether vertical shaft hammer crusher, hammer crusher or horizontal, there are short life hammer, hammer and liner consumption, change frequently, when Taiwan low yield, high power consumption, maintenance and repair difficult, time long, machines operation rate. There thirty-five days to replace the shortest time, the longest was replaced every two weeks. Hammer and liner consumption, one ton of iron ore needs 1 yuan as much as one ton of iron ore crushing power consumption needs 7KWH. We should choose a low consumption of wear parts, use a long time, high yield, stable discharge size, power consumption is modest, energy-efficient crushing system, such as cone crushers, power consumption can 7KWH / ton iron ore crushing machine by another decline to 5KWH / ton iron ore. Liner consumable materials cycle from one week can be increased to six months, crushing one ton of iron ore consumption liner, hammer and other wear-resistant steel 0.2 kg / tonne of iron ore around, dropped to 0.01 kg / tonne of iron ore, a decrease of nearly two times as much.

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