Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet

Abstract: You'll find many sorts of iron ore,Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet unique there are a few discrepancies, this informative article will go ahead and take Solitary Magnet – Red (Ling) iron ore for example, talk about the Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet. Hope it will be useful for you.

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Single Magnet – Red (Ling) Iron Ore

Single Magnet – Red (Ling) iron ore, mainly sedimentary-metamorphic hematite – magnetite ore and magnets – Ling iron ore. Iron ore minerals are magnetite and hematite or siderite, mostly fine-grained disseminated; gangue is mainly quartz, and some contain more iron silicate. Magnet proportions in the ore is changing, gradually increasing deposits from the surface to the deep. You'll find two common methods of these ores:

Single Magnet – Red (Ling) iron ore Processing Flowsheet

Weak magnetic separation and re-election, flotation, magnetic separation and strong joint. With weak magnetic magnetite recovery, recycling processes weakly magnetic iron minerals tandem with re-election, flotation or strong magnetic separation, used more in recent years. This is because the weak magnetic magnetite recovery cost-effective than other methods, but most of the mines will be handled by a magnet – is turning into a processing magnetite hematite stone. This Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet, weak magnetic separation – flotation, flotation – weak magnetic and weak magnetic separation – re-election have been used in the production; weak magnetic separation – strong magnetic and weak magnetic separation – strong magnetic separation – re-election is also being set up factories. Through the production practice, the weak magnetic separation – flotation process, tend to put on a weak magnetic flotation before production more stable, easy operation and management; weak magnetic separation – re-election process, tends to change the weak magnetic – strong magnetic or weakly magnetic separation – strong magnetic separation – re-election process.

Magnetization roasting method and the magnetization of a one weakly magnetic iron ore roasting similar, but in the magnetization roasting with other Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet parallel process, powder ore is used in a weak magnetic separation combined with other methods. This parallel process has production practices. Also, study the roasting process with a series of other methods, namely roasting of the flotation concentrate and then, re-election or selection of a rotating magnetic field magnetic separation methods to further improve the concentrate grade, has not yet used produce.

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