Sand Creating Blocks In South Korea

South Korea Sand Making Blocks Simple Information

After South Korea Sand Creating Blocks is created of river sand, lime, cement as being the primary raw materials, plaster and foam, soon after stirring to the mildew box, static oxygen foam fixed, minimize into a variety of block or plate, by steaming keep a vehicle into your autoclave beneath significant temperature saturated steam curing that fashioned porous light-weight South Korea Sand Constructing Blocks. A lightweight, high-strength, long lasting, warmth, noise, fire, impermeability, anchoring superior efficiency features, with development easy, workability, equipped to cut back the overall cost of the developing, growing using the building area, and so on., have been quilt extensively employed in industrial and civil buildings, becoming one of the most flourishing, wall elements with very good general performance, but will also a whole new style of job countries the principle push.

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South Korea Sand Setting up Blocks Output Process

  • 1. Loader will probably be placed in sand hopper uncooked sand, sand in the conveyor belt into the mill, and increase water grinding fineness 180-200 mesh, immediately after grinding mortar slurry pump in the slurry by mixing tank storage backup storage;
  • 2. Cement, Lime, Gypsum and mortar through a pipe in the metering screw conveyor and claimed soon after weighing, cement, lime, gypsum, mortar mixer weighing import pouring, stirring immediately after aluminum injection casting by aluminum powder mixer blender, soon after about 5 minutes of mixing, the material slurry is injected to the mold. Wherein the slurry is injected into PLC handle;
  • 3. Soon after pouring the mold box mechanically enter resting place from the PLC method, conservation of about two hrs;
  • 4. Convalesce following mould box flipping through a hydraulic crane flipped stripping, wanting to cut, vertical chopping equipment functioning procedure: the entire cutting time five minutes, reduce the wire led just how to the cylinder reciprocating chopping, vacuum suction hood within the transverse method with the waste in the surface waste in the slot, guaranteeing top of the range tiles without the need of leaving any squander;
  • 5. Soon after cutting is accomplished prop blank crane human body transported to steam curing motor vehicle, grouping arrangement, the arrangement is finished by a winch pushed human body willing to be 8-10 several hours to the autoclave autoclave, the autoclave at a hundred ninety levels issue, the traditional operating stress 1.1-1.2Mpa;
  • 6. Just after South Korea Sand Creating Blocks End of steam curing autoclave to complete the Sand Creating Blocks anxiety exams, carried South Korea Sand Building Blocks handling, preparing straightforward packaging, after which South Korea Sand Building Blocks stacked package deal into the storage region.

South Korea Sand Making Blocks Feature

  • 1, the raw product alternative. South Korea Sand Setting up Blocks of quartz sand is changed by fly ash acts to be a siliceous materials, not only the toughness of your blocks has become improved, as well as the impermeability, drying shrinkage, γ-rays illuminate amount is a qualitative leap.
  • 2, industrialized goods. South Korea Sand Setting up Blocks is actually a computer-controlled automatic creation line solutions, accurate size mistake is small, its good quality is superior to standard GB normally make sure superior solution, industrial installation can obtain a dry, higher effectiveness.
  • 3, supporting the wall right after procedure. South Korea Sand Developing Blocks because the specific dimension, can't mortar masonry, and use adhesive masonry, mortar joints only 2-3mm, you can't paint the walls painted applying only putty grant with the basic solution to your South Korea Sand Developing Blocks stucco cracking ills.
  • 4, versatile and assorted components in the software. South Korea Sand Constructing Blocks can do both equally plates, they will make blocks, plates might also bring finishes, just spray paint to complete the decoration, application web page much more purposeful in comparison to the full use.

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